Mobile complete

Mobile complete

The Mobile Complete insurance is the more extensive version of the Mobile Essential insurance. Besides covering damage to your device, Mobile Complete also covers theft of your device and misuse of your phone or tablet contract.

If your device gets stolen, Tulip Assist will arrange a similar replacement device for you. In case of misuse of your phone or tablet contract after the theft, you’ll receive a compensation of damages. During the first 24 hours, expensive call charges and data charges are refunded by Tulip Assist up to an amount of €1000. This way, you won’t face any unpleasant surprises.

During the term of the insurance, Tulip Assist may pay out up to twice the purchase value of your device. This means that it’s possible to make multiple claims with us. This way even the most unlucky and accident-prone people are covered by Tulip Assist!

The coverage of the Mobile Complete insurance applies worldwide. You’ll be insured against damage and theft of your device even while you’re on a tropical vacation. You’ll find the extended terms and conditions of the coverage in the Policy Terms and Conditions.

In short, the Mobile Complete insurance covers damage, theft, and misuse of your phone or tablet contract. You’ll receive this insurance starting at €3.50 per month, and the first three months are free of charge. The insurance can be cancelled monthly, so you can change your mind and we won’t make a fuss.


Property Value
Maximum duration 60 months
Minimal duration One month
Set-up fee € 0,-
Payment every month
Policy conditions IE - EN Policy terms and conditions Mobile Complete Version 12.1.pdf
Policy Document (IPID) IE - EN Information document (IPID) Tulip Assist Mobile Complete Versie 12.1.pdf
Terms of Business (TOB) IE - EN Terms of Business Version 1.0.pdf