About Tulip Assist

Want to know more about Tulip Assist? You’ll find everything you need on this page! Here, you’ll not only find our story and our details, but also information about the way we secure your details.

Our story

The Tulip Assist insurance was developed in 2014 by Belsimpel. They were looking for a way to make sure that customers could enjoy their mobile phones even longer. However, existing insurances didn’t match Belsimpel’s vision, so they decided they would do it themselves, and they would do it better. That’s why Tulip Assist was developed: to fulfil the need for an honest and transparent insurance for an affordable price.

Since 2019, Tulip Assist has been making great efforts to offer everyone a good phone insurance that is offered by all affiliated sellers.

Who is Tulip Assist for?

Tulip Assist is for consumers in the Netherlands who want to insure their new device at an affordable price. Tulip Assist insurance is only available to consumers in the Netherlands.

Who handles what?

Do you have any questions or comments about your insurance, or do you want to report damage? Tulip Assist is your first point of contact. You can submit a claim and find the answers to frequently asked questions on the website. Tulip Assist also stores your policy information and handles the process of your claim notice

If you have a Tulip Assist insurance, you have an insurance agreement with Tulip Assist Insurance Limited. This insurer carries the risk of your insurance policy and makes sure that damage can be compensated.

Tulip Assist and tulipassist.nl are trade names of Tulip Assist B.V. Tulip Assist is affiliated with the Autoriteit Financiële Markten – the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets – and has a license to act as an intermediary in general insurance for private individuals.

You can apply for the Tulip Assist insurance with the purchase of a mobile phone or tablet via the Belsimpel website or at one of the stores of the affiliated parties.


For all your questions about the insurance and the assessment of your claim notice, please contact the insurer.

Letter post:
Tulip Assist
Antwoordnummer 1014
9700 VC Groningen

Details insurer

Tulip Assist Insurance Limited, Development House, St. Anne Street, Floriana FRN9010, Malta. Tulip Assist Insurance Limited is registered on Malta and is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to perform insurance activities. Company Registration Number: C80601.

Dutch Association of Insurers

Socially Responsible Insurance

Quality and transparency are important to us. We work hard to ensure that you are easily and quickly insured for your new device. For example, all products and services are always thoroughly reviewed to ensure simplicity and clarity. The customer is central to this.

What does the Dutch Association of Insurers do?

The Dutch Association of Insurers is the industry organisation of damage and life insurers in the Netherlands. Over 95 per cent of all insurers in the Netherlands are members of the Dutch Association of Insurers. All member insurers are obliged to comply with the extensive Code of Conduct for Insurers. The Code of Conduct consists of more than sixty company regulations, covenants, and agreements. This raises the quality of all member insurers.

Tulip Assist has been a member of the Dutch Association of Insurers since 2020

Since 2020, Tulip Assist has become a member of the Dutch Association of Insurers. The membership shows that we believe in Socially Responsible Insurance and that we stand for quality insurance products.

Privacy declaration

Of course, you want to settle your insurance without worrying about your privacy or your online security. We understand! At Tulip Assist, we think both your privacy and the security of your personal details are very important too. That’s why we explain how your personal details are processed by us in our privacy statement.

Click here to view the privacy statement.

Disclaimer email

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Questions concerning the webpage should be addressed to Tulip Assist. Send the questions via email to info@tulipassist.nl. All rights reserved.