Objections procedure


It may happen that you do not agree with the rejection of your claim and that you believe that the damage or theft is covered. You can then object to this rejection. An objection is a response to a substantive decision made by Tulip Assist which you do not agree with.

What is the purpose of the objection procedure?

  1. Reconsideration of a substantive decision
  2. Correcting errors in a substantive decision
  3. Checking whether a substantive decision has been made in the correct way

When can you submit an objection?

If you do not agree with a substantive decision made by Tulip Assist, you can file an objection against this decision.

How can I submit an objection?

You can submit an objection by sending an email to complaints@tulipassist.ie. Please include the following information:

  • Name, address and town/city
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Policy number
  • Clear arguments as to why you believe the claim is covered
  • Your preferred solution

You can also send an objection by post to:

Tulip Assist
Objection department (Afdeling Bezwaar)
Antwoordnummer 1014
9700 VC Groningen

Objection procedure

If you submit an objection, we will reassess your claim and include your objection in the assessment. We will deal with your appeal within 15 working days and will keep you informed by email.

My objection has been rejected. What do I do now?

It may happen that your objection is rejected and you still believe that the claim is covered by the insurance. For more information about the rejection, you can always contact our customer service.

Customer service Tulip Assist
T: 3531800832377
E: info@tulipassist.ie
I: www.tulipassist.ie

Should you still not be able to resolve the matter with Tulip Assist, you can submit your objection to the Ombudsdienst Verzekeringen in Brussels. The Ombudsdienst will review the substantive decision again. They will look at the arguments you have given and those given by Tulip Assist. It is therefore important that you clearly state the reasons in your objection why you believe that the claim is covered.

Klachteninstituut financiƫle dienstverlening (Kifid)
Koningin Julianaplein 10
2595 AA Den Haag
Telefoon: 070-3338999
E-mail: consumenten@kifid.nl


Substantive decision - this means a substantive answer from Tulip Assist to a submitted claim. For example: a rejection or an allowance. If, for example, you do not agree with a rejection of your claim, you can object to this rejection.