Fraud policy

Fraud policy

At Tulip Assist, we work on the basis of trust. Unfortunately, fraudulent claims are common in the insurance industry. We do everything we can to track down fraudulent claims in order to keep our clients' premiums as low as possible. We record our claims carefully and always investigate claims where we think something is wrong. For this we use a number of innovative fraud detection systems. This fraud policy has been drawn up to give you the best possible idea of what we mean by fraud and what we do about it.

What do we mean by fraud?

Fraud – with fraud we mean the situation in which, through us, you want to:

  1. Get unjustified profits;
  2. Disadvantage/deceive other parties;
  3. Make one of the above situations possible.

See also chapter 14 of the policy terms and conditions for this.

What do we do against fraud?

We record our claims carefully and always investigate claims where we think something is wrong. If we have detected fraud, we can take the following measures:

  1. Not compensate a claim;
  2. Have a compensated claim reimbursed to us;
  3. Charge for additional costs incurred;
  4. Cancel the insurance;
  5. Reporting the fraud to a warning list. This warns other insurers and makes it extremely difficult for a fraud to insure himself again;
  6. We always report a case of fraud to the police.

How does the communication work?

We will always inform the fraud of the detected fraud. This can be done by email or letter. The email or letter will state the following:

  1. A foundation for the established fraud;
  2. What measures will be taken;
  3. Where we have registered the fraud (e.g. with the police).

What are the costs?

We will charge costs for the fraud investigation. In addition to these costs, we will also reclaim all costs wrongfully incurred. Think for example of the wrongfully received damage amount that has been paid out. See chapter 5 of the policy conditions for this.


We have an active reporting policy. This means that we always report to the police if fraud is involved. This way, we make sure that strict measures are taken agains frauds.


If you have any questions about our fraud policy, you can contact us via