Remuneration policy

Remuneration policy

We believe it is important to offer affordable insurances to our customers. At Tulip Assist, we use a remuneration policy that fits our organisational objectives. The remuneration policy of Tulip Assist is in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

We find it important that our colleagues are proud of Tulip Assist, and the work they do. A good remuneration policy is part of this. We have examined how we can organise this as fairly and rewarding as possible for all colleagues, and we regularly compare ourselves with other relevant employers. For this reason, we know that the remuneration we offer our colleagues is something to be proud of. Our remuneration policy encourages colleagues to develop themselves, with colleagues receiving a remuneration on market terms.

Remuneration of employees

At Tulip Assist, we always ensure that our colleagues are paid properly for the work they do. Besides that, we want our colleagues to grow and develop. Salaries at Tulip Assist are based on growth and development.

Colleagues with an hourly wage
We maintain different levels for our colleagues with an hourly wage. The level of a colleague with an hourly wage is determined on the professionalism, knowledge and the skills that the colleague possesses. The level of a colleague is always closely monitored.

Colleagues with a fixed salary
Colleagues with a fixed salary are paid on a monthly basis, in accordance with the number of hours worked, or on the basis of a fixed monthly salary if they have a permanent employment contract. We have different salaries for colleagues with a fixed salary.

The starting salary for all permanent colleagues is on market terms and may differ per function or role. Salaries are reviewed annually, and eligibility for salary increases is considered as well. Any salary increase will be determined on the basis of the performance and development of the colleague in the past year.

Bonuses and variable compensation

We believe it is important to inform our customers about the insurances we offer, in a transparent way. For this reason, we do not work with individual or sales bonuses for our colleagues. Tulip Assist's remuneration policy does not include any other variable remuneration.

Pension scheme

We are members of the Retail Pension Fund. Tulip Assist pays 75% of the premium. At the Retail Pension Fund, colleagues benefit from favourable arrangements. For this reason, Tulip Assist has arranged this for everyone, even though not all of our colleagues work in the retail industry. In case a colleague becomes disabled, the pension build-up will (partly) continue. All colleagues over 20 years old participate in this pension scheme.

Management remuneration

Our management only receives a fixed remuneration. Therefore, the Tulip Assist remuneration policy does not provide for any other variable remuneration or (non)-financial performance-related remuneration for the management.

Other benefits

We do not provide a one-time bonus when a colleague joins Tulip Assist. However, a colleague can receive a referral bonus, if they bring in a new colleague. The new colleague must then be hired and start working. Within Tulip Assist we do not have an agreed upon severance pay. This will be considered per situation. For severance payments the applicable Dutch laws and regulations will be applied.