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Privacy and security

At Tulip Assist, we consider your privacy and the safe processing of your personal data very important. Of course, you want to apply for insurance for your device without worrying about privacy and online safety. We want that for you too! That is why we would like to show you how we handle your personal data.

Who is responsible for your data?

Tulip Assist Insurance Limited is responsible for all personal data you leave with Tulip Assist, a brand of Batavia Services BV. These are our details:

You have taken out the insurance via Tulip Assist (Batavia Services B.V.)

Business address
Waagstraat 1
Postal address
Antwoordnummer 1041, 9700VC Groningen
Registration number at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK):
VAT number:
You have taken out the insurance with Tulip Assist Insurance Limited

Business address
3rd Floor, Development House, St. Anne Street, Floriana FRN 9010, Malta
Registration number at the Chamber of Commerce:
C 80601
If you have any questions about privacy and security, you can always contact our privacy team via

What data do we store and why?

Tulip Assist collects personal data for Tulip Assist Insurance Limited (the insurer) in various ways. Exactly what data is collected depends on what you do on our website and if you have taken out a Tulip Assist insurance. We are happy to explain what data of yours we process.

Customer data

Of course, we need to know who you are if you have taken out a Tulip Assist insurance. That way, we can help you as best as we can. That is why we ask your gender, initials, and last name. Besides that, we need your address and date of birth.

We will send you updates about your insurance by email, and sometimes by text message. For this, we need your email address. We will also send you invoices and information about the products you have purchased. After your application, we sometimes ask you what you think of us, usually by email and sometimes by phone. With your feedback, we can continue to improve ourselves!


Paying for your insurance is always done in a secure payment environment. Linking your payment to your insurance is also done via a secure environment. When you make a payment, we send your details from our secure payment environment directly to the payment processors.

Product details

If you apply for Tulip Assist insurance, we will store the IMEI and EAN number of your device. The IMEI number is a unique code linked to your specific product. The EAN number is a number that is linked to the type of product you have. This way, we can be sure that the device you bought is insured.

Insurance details

As soon as you have a Tulip Assist insurance, we will link your policy to an insurance number. Besides that, we store a number of product details, such as the type of insurance, the type of device you have insured, and the start and end dates of your policy.

Should you make a claim, then we always ask you to fill in a number of details, such as the location of the damage, type of damage, description of damage, where/how device is stored, when the damage is discovered, witnesses (witnesses names and address) and third party liability, names and address of third parties, reason of claim, insurance company/holder, and the insurance number. Besides this, we always link your claim to a specific damage ID. We need these details in order to process your claim in the best possible way.


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Online recognition

When you visit our website, we store your IP address, click data and cookies. This allows us to offer you a personalized experience, matching your preferences.

Customer service

When you contact our customer service, we want to help you as best as we can. To do this, we store the email conversations you have with our customer service staff. Phone calls may also be recorded for coaching purposes. We will always inform you of this before the phone call. Sometimes we ask you to provide us with specific personal information during an email or phone call. We ask these questions in order to verify that you really are the customer of the insurance you’re asking about. We also make notes of our contact, so we know exactly what has been discussed when you contact us again.

Profiling and automatic decisions

If you visit our website or submit a claim to us, we would like to know how you fill in your claim. For this purpose, together with the information you provide, we save your clicking behaviour, how you fill in the form, and your decision-making behaviour. We combine this data to assess your claim as well as possible, on the basis of this information and by using profiling. Based on all this information, an automatic decision will be made about your insurance application and/or claim.

How do we handle the sharing and storing of your personal data?

Sharing personal data

Your privacy is very important to us. That is why we only share certain or specific personal data with partners and third parties if this is really necessary, for example because it is necessary for your insurance. We never sell your data to third parties.

In order to arrange this properly, we have entered into a processing agreement with all parties with whom we share your personal data. This is a contract in which clear agreements are made about who is responsible for what data. There are various parties with whom we share your personal data to ensure that your device is insured quickly and we can provide you with the best possible service:

  • Tulip Assist Insurance Limited
  • The processor of payment data;
  • The processor of communication data (e.g. telephony, text message, and email);
  • The processor of customer information (credit and payment risks);
  • Administrative processors;
  • If applicable and explicitly agreed: (Online) marketing channels;
  • If applicable: the reseller;
  • If applicable: the repair company;
  • If applicable: Recruitment channels;
Most parties are located in the European Union and fall under the General Data Protection Regulation. In some cases, we also share certain data with partners based in the United Stated of America (USA), who actively participate in the European-American 'Privacy Shield'.

Storing your personal data

We do not store your personal data longer than necessary. In some cases, we may need your personal data to detect fraud or illegal activities. In this case, we have a legal obligation to share this personal data with the police, the judiciary, or the public prosecutor when a request comes to us. Besides this, we have a tax responsibility with the tax authorities. This means that, from a legitimate, legal, and commercial point of view, we retain your personal data in order to deliver the products and services you have ordered and to provide you with the safest and most reliable service possible.

Would you like us to change your privacy preferences for you? Then please contact our privacy team:

Securing your personal data

We always provide the best information security. Our website has a secure connection (recognizable by ‘https’ in the address bar). Besides that, our website has the COMODO SecureTM RSA certificates. Furthermore, we always use the best security software, so your personal data is stored as securely as possible on our own servers in the Netherlands.

We check and monitor all our employees, who has access to what personal data, and we keep record of who has viewed what personal data. This way, we always know what happens to your personal data. Besides that, all employees have a Certificate of Good Conduct, so we can be sure that everyone handles your personal data safely.

Erasing your data

Of course you can delete the data we have of you, if you want to. This means you will no longer be a customer of Tulip Assist Insurance, your policy expires, and your insurance will be terminated by the insurer. This is because we will erase your data and will no longer know if you have ordered a certain product from us. Your request will be dealt with by our customer service within 15 business days.

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Questions or comments

If you have any questions or comments about privacy and security, you can always contact our customer service. For further questions or complaints, please contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority or the National Ombudsman.