Mobile Essential

Mobile Essential

The Mobile Essential insurance covers impact, fall, and water damage to your device. Tulip Assist will cover the costs of repairing the damage to your device.
If your device is beyond repair and the damage is included in the Mobile Essential coverage, Tulip Assist will take care of a replacement device of the same value.

During the term of the insurance, Tulip Assist may pay out up to twice the purchase value of your device. This means that you don’t have to worry if you tend to have a lot of bad luck, because you can submit multiple claims at Tulip Assist.

Examples of covered damage are:
  • Replacement of a broken screen
  • Repair of a button that no longer works
  • Replacement of your device due to irreparable water damage

The coverage of the insurance applies worldwide, and damage that occurs abroad is also covered. So don’t worry about taking holiday pictures with your own device!
You can find the extended terms and conditions of the coverage in the Policy Terms and Conditions.
In case of theft of your device, the Mobile Essential insurance does not cover the damage. However, the Mobile Complete insurance does cover theft of your device.

In short, Mobile Essential is an insurance that offers worldwide coverage for damage to your device. It can be cancelled monthly and has a premium from only €1.95 per month. To top it off, the first three months are completely free of charge!


Property Value
Maximum duration 60 months
Minimal duration One month
Set-up fee € 0,-
Payment every month
Policy conditions IE - EN Policy terms and conditions Mobile Essential Version 12.1.pdf
Policy Document (IPID) IE - EN Information document (IPID) Tulip Assist Mobile Essential Versie 12.1.pdf
Terms of Business (TOB) IE - EN Terms of Business Version 1.0.pdf