Tips for your Mobile Complete insurance

Tips for your Mobile Complete insurance

In this document you will find useful extra information about your Mobile Complete insurance. It tells you exactly where you stand and in which situations you need to take extra care. Terms are also explained and situations described to make it clear to you as a customer in what situations you can and cannot make use of your insurance. The examples given are for illustrative purposes only: your situation does not necessarily have to be the same as the examples given. Always read the policy conditions for all exclusions, this is only a selection.

Make sure you have sufficient funds in your bank account
  • The premium is deducted monthly around the same date by direct debit
  • If you reverse a direct debit or do not have sufficient funds in your account, you have 14 days to still pay the amount due.
  • If the invoice is not paid within 14 days, the insurance will be suspended. During a suspension, you are not covered for any damage incurred.
  • After payment of the invoice, the insurance coverage will start again as of the date of payment. The payment does not undo the suspension.

It is important that the monthly premium is paid on time. Should a collection attempt fail, Tulip Assist will give you 14 days to pay the invoice. Do you not succeed in paying the premium within 14 days? This will result in a suspension of the insurance until the premium has been paid. The consequence of suspending your insurance is that damage is not covered during the suspension. It is your responsibility to ensure that invoices are paid on time. Once the premium arrears have been paid, your cover will resume from the date you paid it. Please refer to the policy terms and conditions for a full explanation. In version 10 of the policy conditions, this can be found in article 9.1.

Mr. Janssen has a Mobile Essential insurance policy. For the invoice of the month April the first collection attempt takes place on 25.03.21. Due to insufficient balance on his account, Tulip Assist does not succeed in collecting the amount due: the premium is not debited. Mr. Janssen receives the first reminder on 26 March 2021. Mr. Janssen has 14 days to pay the invoice after the first reminder. The second direct debit attempt takes place on 1-04-2021. Does Tulip Assist also not succeed in collecting the amount during the second direct debit attempt? Then the cover is cancelled retroactively on 09-04-2021. This means that Mr. Janssen is no longer insured for the month of April. Any damage occurring from 1 April 2021 onwards is therefore no longer covered.
Tulip Assist will keep an eye on your remaining insurance cover
  • During the term of your insurance policy, Tulip Assist will pay up to twice the purchase value of your device.
  • The purchase value can be found on the policy sheet.

During the term of your insurance policy, we will pay a maximum of twice the purchase price of your device. The purchase value can be found on the policy schedule. We will let you know when you have reached the limit of your insurance. It may happen that the repair costs exceed the maximum amount. In this case, we will also let you know. We will then decide together whether you wish to have the device repaired for an additional charge or whether you wish to cancel the repair. In version 10 of the policy conditions, this can be found in article 8.3.

Example 1
Mr. Janssen has a Mobile Essential insurance policy. He bought his phone for €350, which is also shown on his policy sheet as the purchase value. Therefore, his maximum coverage is twice €350: €700. Mr. Janssen accidentally dropped his phone twice. The first time, the damage could be repaired for €150. The second time, Mr. Janssen dropped it in the water. The second time Mr. Janssen dropped his phone into the water, it was completely broken and Tulip Assist replaced it for €350. Tulip Assist has now reimbursed a total of €500. After Mr. Janssen tripped and dropped his phone, he sent the phone in again. After Tulip Assist has received the device and offered it to a certified repair centre, it appears that the device is again completely broken due to, amongst other things, damage to the motherboard. After consultation, Mr. Janssen decides to have the device replaced. Because the phone had a purchase value of €350, this costs €350. Of the €700 that the insurance company reimburses, only €200,- is left. Tulip Assist will, in consultation with Mr. Janssen, reimburse €200,- and Mr. Janssen will compensate €150 himself. The remaining coverage is now completely exhausted and the insurance will be terminated.

Example 2
As in example 1, Mr Janssen has tripped. Everything is the same, except for the fact that this time the new damage amounts to €150. The damage is covered by Tulip Assist and Mr. Janssen only pays his own excess. The remaining coverage is now €50. Mr. Janssen will be informed about this: he will receive an email advising him to terminate the insurance.
Do not lose your device
  • Loss is not covered by the Mobile Complete insurance.
  • Should you find the device, it is possible to send the device to Tulip Assist. Any damage will be covered by the insurance.

It may happen that your device gets lost during the term of your insurance. It is important to realise that loss of your mobile phone is not covered by this insurance. By loss, we mean the situation where you have lost your mobile phone because you (consciously or unconsciously) put it in an unusual place, left it behind or forgot about it. This includes, for example, furniture (tables, chairs, benches, etc.) in public places that are freely accessible to everyone. This also includes places in the private sphere. The situation in which you have lost your mobile phone due to it (unintentionally) falling out of a pocket or bag is also included here. Should it happen that you find your phone again and it is damaged, you can of course file a claim. In version 10 of the policy conditions, this can be found in article 2.2 under 'g'.

Mr Janssen has a Mobile Complete insurance. After a walk in the park, he puts his phone in his pocket and cycles home. When he gets home, he notices that his phone is no longer there: it fell out of his pocket on the way home. He immediately submits a claim to Tulip Assist. However, the claim cannot be processed because Mr. Janssen has lost the phone, so he cannot send it to Tulip Assist. Mr. Janssen then decides to check his route again. He finds the phone on the side of the road on his way to the park. However, the phone appears to be damaged. He sends his phone to Tulip Assist. Because he has sent his phone, Tulip Assist can now handle his claim.
Keep an eye on your device
  • Leaving a device unattended in public is not covered under the policy.
  • Left unattended means that the device is stored in an unsafe place or left unattended.
  • Examples of unattended places are a terrace, restaurant or means of transport that has not been locked.

If a device is stolen because it is left unattended in public, a Theft Damage Report will be rejected. Leaving a device unattended in public means leaving it in an unsafe place, such as a terrace table, without someone to supervise it. An unsafe place also includes a means of transport that has not been locked. See also article 2.2 point 'b' in the policy conditions.

Mr. Janssen goes out to eat at a restaurant. He puts his telephone in his coat pocket and hangs his coat in the cloakroom near the front door. On leaving the restaurant, Mr. Janssen finds that his phone is no longer in his jacket pocket. In this case, a claim is not covered. The device was left unattended in a public area to which several people have access.
Do not let a third party repair your device
  • Tulip Assist will never pay out fees in the form of money.
  • Repair of your device is done via Tulip Assist.
  • Repairs by third parties (any party other than Tulip Assist) may result in no compensation for your damages.

Tulip Assist has chosen to only compensate damages in kind. This means that you will never receive any money from us: damage to your phone will be repaired or your phone will be replaced. It is also important to note that we will not pay invoices from other repair centres if you brought your device there on your own. The device must always be sent to Tulip Assist first: we will then handle the damage carefully. If we find that another party has worked on your device, we will reject your claim. In version 10 of the policy conditions this can be found in article 2.2 under 'm'..

Mr Janssen accidentally dropped his tablet. The screen of the device has a lot of cracks. Mr. Janssen decides not to contact Tulip Assist and goes to a repair shop himself. He sends the invoice of the repair to Tulip Assist and assumes that the insurance company will reimburse him. However, this is not the case: as stated in the policy conditions, Tulip Assist will only pay in kind. Mr. Janssen will therefore have to pay the costs himself.
Do not use your device underwater after damage
  • Tulip Assist assumes that you will handle your device with care.
  • Tulip Assist will not compensate for damages caused by acting contrary to the instructions for use of your device.
  • Have you dropped your device? Keep in mind that even the slightest damage can make your device no longer waterproof or water resistant.
  • This means that if you deliberately use your device under water (swimming, showering, rinsing), you will not be reimbursed for any damage caused by this.

Damage to your device will only be reimbursed if you treat your phone with care. It is therefore also important not to act contrary to the instructions for use. If you do, your damage will not be compensated. In version 10 of the policy conditions, this can be found in Article 2.2 under 'f'.

Mr Janssen takes his Apple iPhone X on holiday. He uses it in the pool, underwater, to take pictures. He has read that the device is IP68 certified, which means it is water resistant. However, the phone has failed and does not seem to start up. He sends the phone to Tulip Assist and they conclude that the phone has water damage and needs to be replaced..

The deliberate use of the device under water, after damage has occurred, goes against the user instructions of Apple and other major manufacturers. Therefore, the damage claim must unfortunately be rejected on the basis of a breach of the user instructions.

Differences between Mobile Essential and Mobile Complete

Coverage for →

Insurance type ↓
Fall or impact damage Water damage Theft Contract misuse Loss Possibility of loaning a device
Mobile Essential Yes Yes No No No No
Mobile Complete Yes Yes Yes Yes No No