Tips to prevent theft

Prevent theft

Nowadays, the most beautiful and latest smartphones, tablets, and other devices come with a hefty price tag. Because of this, they have also become the target of many thieves. Especially in crowded places, it can happen that you are robbed unnoticed and then you've suddenly lost your device.

So take the following steps to prevent your device from being stolen.

  1. Use a lock code
    This is a PIN code, pattern, or password. Or set up your fingerprint or facial recognition to unlock your device.

  2. Don't lose sight of your device
    Make sure you carry your device close to you and always keep it in the same place. This way, if your device is suddenly gone, you'll soon right away.

    Also, don't keep your device in the back pocket of your trousers or in an open jacket pocket. Especially in crowded public places, your device can easily be stolen from you without you even noticing it.

  3. Use Find My iPhone or Find My Device to locate your device
    With the help of your device's GPS, the software of iOS and Android can track the location of your device. You can then find out where your device is on a map using the links below.
    iOS (Apple devices)

  4. Write down the IMEI-nummer
    The IMEI number is a fifteen digit serial number that is unique to your device. In case of theft, you give this number to the police, who process it in their database.

    The IMEI number can be found
    • On the original packaging of the device
    • Inside your device, on the back where the battery is located
    • In the settings menu
    • By typing #06# in the phone app.

  5. Keep your proof of purchase
    This is for example an invoice or bill of sale of the device. These papers are proof that the device is your property! Often the IMEI number is also mentioned on this invoice.