Tips to prevent damage

Prevent damage

Preventing damage is better than repairing it. So take a look at the tips below to make sure you can enjoy your device for as long as possible and avoid having to have it repaired. We also tell you how to keep your device clean. Wear and tear and poor maintenance of your device are not covered by the Tulip Assist insurance.

  • Use a case and a screen protector
    With a case, you protect your smartphone from fall, impact, and scratch damage. Besides that, a case is often useful as an extra layer of protection against, for example, rain or a knocked over cup of coffee.
    By using a screenprotector you protect the display against scratch damage, keeping it easy to read.

  • Carry the screen towards you and not in your back pocket
    When you keep the device in your pocket, face the screen towards you. This makes the screen less likely to be damaged if you bump into something.
    Never carry your device in your back pocket. If you accidentally sit on it, the high pressure will cause damage to the device.

  • Keep your smartphone separate from your keys
    Keys can cause deep scratches when pressed against your smartphone in a pocket or bag. Therefore, always keep your device in a separate compartment or pocket.

  • Avoid humidity
    Do not use your device when it is raining or in damp places, such as in the bathroom when taking a shower. The water steam can penetrate your device and start to condense. This leads to corrosion in your device.

  • Clean your device with a microfibre cloth once a week
    This way you prevent dust from building up in your device and you significantly reduce the number of bacteria on your device. When doing this, also carefully clean the connectors of your device to avoid clogging them. Using a microfibre cloth will also prevent dust and dirt from scratching the screen.

Water damage

Did your device come into contact with water anyway? You can prevent possible damage with the following steps.

  1. Switch off your device immediately
    Electricity combined with water can quickly cause corrosion. This is very damaging to your device, as it increases the risk of short circuits and overheating. So switch off your device and don't charge it for a few days afterwards.

  2. Remove the battery and SIM card
    By removing the battery as soon as possible, you prevent electricity from flowing through the device. To prevent damage to the SIM card chip, it is advisable to remove it from the device. Please note: Nowadays, the battery is often integrated within the device and cannot be removed easily.

  3. Let your device dry in a well ventilated and dry place
    Dry the device with a towel or other absorbent cloth and thoroughly remove any moisture from the openings in the device. Never shake excess moisture out of your device! This will spread the moisture throughout the device and increase the risk of corrosion.
    Then place the device in a dry and well ventilated place, such as a kitchen table, for 48 to 72 hours. It is also possible to cover your device with silica gel bags, as these have a moisture-absorbing effect. In the meantime, do not place your device in the sun or on a heater!

  4. Do not put your device in an oven, in a microwave, on a heater, or under a hairdryer
    The heat expands internal elements of the device, pushing water to other places and thus spreading it further through the device. So it only makes the damage to your device worse.